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School Improvement Plan

Southdown School Improvement Plan



PART I: School Goals

  • Southdown is currently rated a D school, having earned an SPS of 65.4. Our school goal is to increase student achievement and reach the state goal of growing 10 points on our SPS, ensuring Southdown will be rated a C school next year.
  • Last year, 53% K-3rd graders were benchmarked on DIBELS Next.  By the end of May 2015, 75% of all students K-3 will benchmark on DIBELS Next. 
  • Last year, 60% of the current 4th-6th graders scored proficient on iLEAP/ LEAP ELA test. By May 2015, 75% of all students will attain proficiency or better in Reading/Language Arts. (As indicated on the DIBELS test and PARCC.)
  • Last year, 58% of the current 4th-6th graders scored proficient on iLEAP/ LEAP Math test. By May 2015, 75% of all students will attain proficiency or better in Math. (As indicated on PARCC.)


PART 2: Strategic Plan


1.         Plan to ensure Effective Core Instruction

  • Bell to bell instruction, using test released items for bell ringers
  • Checking lesson plans weekly for alignment to CCSS
  • Assessments aligned to CCSS and PARCC-like tasks
  • Weekly walk-throughs, providing feedback
  • Weekly leadership team meetings
  • Focus on text in all content classes and writing tasks based on the text


2.         Plan for PLC Process:  Data-Based Decision Making (DBDM Process-Data Team                            Process/Dufour Model)

  • Weekly PLC meetings, analyzing data and planning instruction
  • Teachers maintain a PLC binder including weekly newsletters, grade level meetings, data and PLC agendas
  • Attend the PLC Academy as a leadership team
  • Analyze student data (EADMS checkpoints, STAR, teacher made tests, etc.)
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers, based on individual teacher needs


3.         Plan for ALL non-proficient students

  • Classroom teachers, planning teachers and coaches analyze scores and create an action plan
  • Interventions provided by planning teachers, coaches and part-time teacher (interventionist)
  • Computer lab teacher progress monitors Tier 2 students for math
  • Data analyzed weekly during PLC meetings


4.         Plan for preparing students for state assessment: 

  • Daily use of EAGLE, tests released items, EADMS benchmark tests and testlets (spiral into daily bell ringers and assessments)
  • Teachers will take the PARCC practice tests
  • Students will take a mock PARCC test, teachers will collaboratively score them
  • Use writing prompts from the instructional calendar, Peerson reading basal, and some provided by the school
  • Teachers will collaboratively score writing samples to ensure inter-rater reliability
  • Use non-fiction articles from Achieve 3000 in Science and Social Studies and include a writing prompt or task
  • Increase the use or rigor of constructive response math items during weekly instruction
  • Provide parents with information regarding CCSS and assessments at monthly parent nights
  • Teachers send home weekly newsletters regarding curriculum and testing
  • PARCC/ LEAP tutoring for 3rd-6th graders

Testing incentives and rewards (electronics, Pelicans game tickets, dinner, etc.)