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Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy

Students attending schools in TPSD shall be required to wear uniforms to class.  Uniforms shall be worn as follows:


Primary School Boys Dress Code (K-3):

White shirt (oxford or knit with collar), uniform navy pants (pleated, not pleated, or cuff), or shorts.


Primary School Girls Dress Code (K-3):

White blouse (oxford, knit or broadcloth with collar), uniform navy pants (pleated, not pleated, or cuff), pleated shirt, shorts, skorts, jumper, or solid polo dress that is navy or khaki.


Middle School Boys Dress Code (4-8):

White shirt (oxford or knit with collar), uniform khaki pants (pleated, not pleated, or cuff), or shorts.


Middle School Girls (4-8):

White blouse (oxford, knit or broadcloth with collar), uniform khaki pants (pleated, not pleated, or cuff), pleated or straight skirt, shorts, skorts or jumper.


Schools may elect a solid color shirt (based upon school colors) to wear along with the white shirts as long as the “oxford or knit with collar” remains the same (no multi-colored shirts are allowed). Southdown Elementary's school color is burgandy. This color shirt may be worn.



Uniform Style Pants:

Depending on the grade of the student, pants must be navy or khaki in color.  Khaki pants may be light or dark (no white allowed).  No jean material will be acceptable.  Pants may have partial or full elastic at the waist.  Pants must be straight legs.  Jumpsuits, overalls, or coveralls are not allowed.  Pants may be pleated/not pleated, cuffed/not cuffed.  If pants have a belt loop, a belt must be worn.  Shorts, capri or full length pants will be allowed.  Shorts must conform to pants regulations and in grades 4-12 must be no shorter than five inches (5”) from floor when kneeling.  The small discreet brand name, such as “Dockers”, “Duckhead”, etc. will be permitted.



Shirts must be oxford, knit, or broadcloth with a collar.  Shirts must be short or long sleeved only.  Sleeveless shirts are not allowed.



Pullover hooded sweatshirts, long sleeve sweatshirts/sweaters that are black, white, navy, khaki, gray, or the designated school color (Burgandy), will be permitted.  Sweatshirt/sweaters officially sanctioned by the school are acceptable.

Dress Code Regulations

  1. All students will wear the designated school uniform clothing as outlined in the uniform policy.  All clothing must be worn as designed by manufacturer.  (No tying outerwear around waist or neck.)
  2. The wearing of uniforms which are oversized, baggy, sagging, or extremely tight fitting is prohibited.
  3. Pants must be hemmed and side slits are not permitted.  Pants cannot be made of denim material (jeans).
  4. Belts may not be more than one size larger than the waist.  All students must wear belts if pants have loops.  Waistbands should be worn on waist.
  5. Shirts must be worn tucked in at all times.  Undergarments must not be visible.
  6. Uniform shirt collars must be visible when wearing a sweatshirt.
  7. All apparel in grades 4-12 must be no shorter than five inches (5”) from the floor when kneeling.
  8. Footwear must be worn to school and students are encouraged to wear socks.  When socks are worn, they may be any color, and have stripes or logos as long as they are not distracting.   Leggings or stockings, however; must be a solid color.
  9. Slippers, sandals, backless shoes, or flip-flops are not acceptable.
  10. Body piercing (except for the ears) that is visible will be prohibited.  (Example:  nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows, etc.)
  11. Students will not be allowed to wear ornate or cumbersome jewelry, head or hair accessories that are distracting. No caps, visors, beanies, or bonnets allowed in the school building.
  12. New students to the parish will be given two (2) weeks from the date of enrollment to obtain the required uniform.

Student Grooming Regulations

Student’s hair must be groomed in such a manner that it will not draw undue attention.  Any naturally occurring hair colors are allowed (black, brunette, auburn, or blonde) natural or dyed. Blue, pink, purple, green, orange, etc. is not allowed.

Faces must be kept neat, both in the case of boys with facial hair or girls with excessive make-up.

Basic to the grooming code is a commitment to neat, well-groomed students with personal hygiene and cleanliness being mandatory.

NOTE:  For further clarification, in all questions regarding grooming and dress, if the administration decides that the student’s attire or appearance is disruptive of the learning process, or so offensive or suggestive as to distract other students, then the attire or appearance will not be allowed.



Grades K-12:

FIRST OFFENSE:  Verbal warning by faculty member.

SECOND OFFENSE:  Dress code letter sent to parent, an appropriate school consequence, and correction of infraction.

THIRD OFFENSE:  Parent conference required, and correction of infraction.

FOURTH OFFENSE:  Office referral, parent notification, Saturday school or in-school disciplinary action, and correction of infraction.